Project Updates

Bat+Ball 2 is in a bit of a hold. I still have problems with integrating the leaderboards and achievements, the project no longer builds on Android. I intend to fix this with the help of a friend in the coming week while we attend Unite Europe 2016. I also need to overhaul the visuals as it is clear that nobody is going to download the game when they think it's looking lame, no matter how good or bad gameplay might be. I already began work in blender to give the game a more tron like theme. Here's some work in progress for that:

Check out the alpha if you are curious about gameplay:


While Bat+Ball 2 is in pseudo hiatus I continue to work on my next project. It's inspired by one of my favorite games of all time. But it will be first person (and VR) and gameplay will be upgraded for this decade. :)

I'm currently in the progress if checking dungeon assets and building a first level to use as foundation and sandbox for all gameplay programming. Late in the evening I purchased some assets from 3drt and the few walls I placed look much better than the free assets I used before. Here's what I've got so far:

Some more finishing touches

This week I mainly worked on audio and visuals. Various sound effects have changed and I tried lots of visual effects to make the game look cooler. Several turned out to have a huge impact on performance. I really would have love an "tv effect" with scanlines and color aberration but that wasn't an option.

Oh, and there's a power-up now, it'll save you if you missed the ball. 

Anyways, here's a snippet to show you how things get after about 10 seconds into the game. At that moment I already had moving background, fish-eye effect, severals speed-ups and next up was the pixelation.

Grab the alpha at

Opening up to the world

This is big step for Bat+Ball 2, I'm making it available as an open alpha version. It's online for Android and for WebGL. Get the Android version here and the webGL version is ready to be played over at

There's still a few things to do on this game. I want to re-create the menu, that means graphics, sounds and the implementation. So far I used NGUI but it doesn't play very good with the distance field based font renderer.

Apart from the menu I need to get rid of the overly bloopy-beepy sound effects ingame. 

And then there's integration of UnityAds, Highscores and Achievements, each for Android and iOS.

I already integrated Fabric and UnityAnalytics, meaning that I will hopefully get some meaningful data to improve gameplay.


That's all for today. Now go and play Bat+Ball 2. Send me feedback to batnball2_alphatest(at)




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